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cari makan

24-26 november 2016

malay heritage centre


Lara is a storyteller. A storyteller that can make you laugh. And cry. Today, just like everyday, Lara has a story to tell. But this one is different…

In a village, there lived a mid-wife, Mak Bidan, and her husband, the village circumcision specialist, Tok Mudim. They live happily. Together. With each other. But they are incomplete. They yearn for a child. A child to call their own. Aided in their quest by the mystical Bomoh, the village shaman, will the childless couple finally find that missing ‘piece’ or will they get lost and succumb to their personal demons and desires?

Directed By Faizal Abdullah

Written By Nadia Cheriyan

Starring : Gene Sha Rudyn , Suhaili Safari &
Sabrina Annarhar

Lighting Designer : Alberta Wileo

Set Designer : A.Syadiq

Costume Designer : Tan Jia Hui

Sound Designer : Uzair Daud

Publicity Photos : Chris Yap Wooi-Hoe

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