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hawa (international premiere)

brisbane FEST 2017

27-30 september 2017

the loft qut, brisbane

Siti, a recent convert to Islam, is suddenly tasked with overseeing the funeral arrangements of her close friend and companion. Ahmad, a funeral director, is summoned to perform the last rites. As he learns more about Siti, he begins to question the true nature of the relationship between Siti and her friend. While funeral preparations are being made, a charming stranger – Zaki – arrives unexpectedly. He strikes up a conversation with Siti that gradually reveals his motives and her heartbreak.

Hawa is a play that dares to ask difficult questions about faith, love and sexuality. Even as Siti grieves for the deceased, she has to contend with the societal forces that threaten to deny her of her own existence.

Performed in English and Malay, with English surtitles.

Presented By: Hatch Theatrics
Written By: Johnny Jon Jon
Directed By: Faizal Abdullah
Starring: Koh Wan Ching / Al-Matin Yatim /

Saiful Amri and Faizal Abdullah

Music By : Uzair Daud

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