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5-8april 2018

malay heritage centre


Habsah has experienced both death and divorce in just a span of a few months. With no husband and no mother for emotional support, she becomes lonely and paranoid. Adi, her son is finding it increasingly difficult to communicate with his mother whilst at the same time trying to keep the family together.

Lanang is a story about relationships – a teenage boy and his divorced mother, a lonely daughter’s relationship with her mother and the matriarch who holds them together.  All three of them need each other, but what happens if one of them is gone?  Sometimes, it takes the death of a family member to realise that you do have a family.

Directed by Faizal Abdullah

Featuring Dalifah Shahril , Nurijah Sahat & Zam

Collaboration with Sound artist anGie seah 

Lighting Design by Syahrudin Pasha
Lighting Rigger: Hafiz

Costume: Jia Hui

Production Stage Manager: Deena Shaqinah

Assistant Stage Manager: Isabelle 

Surtitles : Raihana 

Stage crew: Nishant, Gen, Yoke, Rusdi

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